SOURCE OF TIDE "Blueprints"

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SOURCE OF TIDE "Blueprints"
  • Album: Blueprints
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Inside "Kogaionon" no. 6 issue I enclosed an interview with Lord PZ, this band's vocal and in the same time Ihriel's brother who is Ihshan's wife (EMPEROR). These five Norwegians' debut was a surprise for me and I assumed and hoped that the new tracks convey as well a special magnificent and appreciated music. Unfortunately, "Blue Prints" features a rather too avant-garde Metal with many Death Metal riffs, knotty and complex sounds resulted from programming, a perplexing atmosphere and thus perhaps a different kind of extreme Heavy Metal. What is still a remarkable point it represent the strong altering voice of Lord PZ and for the first time we can even hear two voices, the background one, although simpler and rather common, conferring the sound a certain charm. If all tracks sounded like "Ruins Of Beauty", then the entire album might have been considered a jewel. In almost seven minutes, the five musicians harmoniously balance Death aggressive parts with melodic Gothic ones while the two female voices open a hallucinating yet striking universe. Otherwise it is just too much assertiveness crossing over all Metal styles. There is such excellence in interpretation...yet somehow repulsing probably because of the rhythms' breaks and the incandescent keyboard, which are too confusing for my musical tastes. I cannot help but observing the perfect recording status and the studio professional mixing! I wonder how it would be like if listening to Lord PZ' voice throughout a Gothic Metal project...I suppose it would sound intriguing...In fact I believe it for sure.