SPEAKING SILENCE "The Twilight World"

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SPEAKING SILENCE "The Twilight World"
  • Album: The Twilight World
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: HAR/SACRAL
  • Artist: 
  • France

Carla and Alain have reached the third album in more than 10 years of activity under the same banner. Carla has played as well in TREES DANCE but, after a short experience, she focused solely on this band! What could I tell you about this music?! Pop Gothic Rock Atmospheric might be a guiding point... Carla's crystalline voice is indeed special, elegant and impressive! The whole sound seems to mold on her voice and even if the rhythmic sound is simplistically conceived, in a commercial way, there is something attractive there! The lyrics are both in English and French and I think that the guitar is the perfect companion for Carla's voice! I wouldn't say this duet is extraordinary but it is away above the medium! I am surprised they didn't reach a more serious contract so far as they could use a better promotion activity!