STAR OF ASH "Iter.Viator"

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STAR OF ASH "Iter.Viator"
  • Album: Iter.Viator
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: JESTER
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This is a new title with not much of a resonance but able to gain your attention. Why so? Firstly, because this is Heidi S. Tveitan's project whose name actually equals the identity of Ihriel/PECCATUM. Secondly, because here are as well musicians from (EMPEROR, SOURCE OF TIDE), having Garm/ULVER as remarkable vocal and finally but not the last, because of the musical approach. If I read you the prospect then you can find out that STAR OF ASH' style is Avant-Rock/Neo-Classical/Gothic while CURRENT '93, DEAD CAN DANCE or Craig Armstrong are the guiding marks.
I find impossible to describe such! The melancholic note due to the piano is often interrupted by noisy passages, the background effects outline a strange feeling, an emotion of unexpected, from time to time the vocals make their appearance and seem to be apart from the rest, guitars usually dormant all of a sudden explode, the percussion completely confuses..., piano's grave tone spontaneously breaks through the meditation intention, if any possible way of such...and then the choirs...Nah, definitely I cannot handle such task of describing you the music. Well, it is fascinating, exquisite, avant-garde...but I am limited to a status of simple listener. I leave to all who can the job to come up with more detailed and profound appreciations. But I tell you this, I've listened to the album more than five times and I still discovered captivating introspective parts delimited from any palpable axiomatic system. This was a real challenge for my ears!