STAR OF ASH "The Thread"

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STAR OF ASH "The Thread"
  • Album: The Thread
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Some time has passed since Heidi Solberg Tveitan made her solo debut, known by everybody within the Metal scene as Ihriel. It seems that Ihshan inspires her a lot, even though with this album she concentrates on bringing to light another musical dimension, the Ambient Electronic Experimental one. Less melancholic as "Iter.Viator", yet more technical and intricate, with quite atmospheric interludes and an elegant female voice, Heidi enhances an atypical music, saturated in mystery and with an inner beauty hard to apprehend at times. Saying that "The Thread" is an abstract album would be too much, yet it would be unfair to state that it is a normal one too. It is different, especially as Kris Rygg, Kenji Siratori and Markus Reuter are among the guests. Therefore, it is obvious what sonorities we are dealing with, isn't it? I've enjoyed this album a lot, even though some of the tracks seem quite pale and lacking nuance.