STERBEND "Dwelling Lifeless"

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STERBEND "Dwelling Lifeless"
  • Album: Dwelling Lifeless
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: NO COLOURS
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

If you want to experience an authentic BURZUM, then STERBEND is the perfect choise! The desperate voice also reminds me Overlord's (Jan Kenneth) bawls, the ones we've experienced on the entrancing IN THE WOODS... debut "Hearts of The Ages"... It's beyond my aprehension the way this vocal can yell for almost 75 minutes on this entire album! He doesn't seem to be undisturbed, honestly! We are dealing with serious Black Metal, at all original but saturated in Norwegian influences, something alike the bands I have told you about earlier... and we can add HELHEIM's debut too, for comparison purposes only! Now that I have given you this sound's features, I trust you know how to feast upon STERBEND! Besides a continuous sound linearity, we are dealing with true Black Metal!