STILLBORN "Manifiesto de Blasfemia Era"

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STILLBORN "Manifiesto de Blasfemia Era"
  • Album: Manifiesto de Blasfemia Era
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: PAGAN
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Some do never get exhausted! Even though they have ten years of activity, these angry guys are now releasing their second album, more violent than ever before! Black Death Metal in its most uncorrupted form, with killing guitar riffs, an ultra speed battery and demonical voices. I couldn't make any distinction between the tracks, as they all rip any form of expression or characterization! Just anarchy, chaos, uproar, and generalized madness! I'm sure that the ones adoring brutal sonorous torments will experience a true sauna with STILLBORN! I am unimpressed by this sort of music, yet I must admit that these Polish guys are quite handy with their instruments!