•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 1.00/1
  • Album: S.o2
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Christer Andre Cederberg, the guitarist of the legendary band IN THE WOODS…, released a genius album! After an instrumental debut, less enjoyed by the audience and promoted 7 years ago, Chris returned with a new material, one which I hope will be debated longer, one of which people will talk much longer! We are dealing with the same atmosphere I’ve uncovered a long time ago on “Omnio”! I’ve discovered once again a world that I thought vanished with that particular album, maybe with “Strange In Stereo” too! Less Metal than IN THE WOODS…, scenting of DRAWN, without any influence from ANIMAL ALPHA’s Punk, yet revealing lots of PINK FLOYD elements, having an inspired Psychedelic Rock impress, and an odd fusion tending towards Jazz, Chris succeeds from his first accords to catapult me towards an imaginative and contemplative realm, far away from all that I breathe, live or smell most of my time! There are 7 tracks, and the last one is instrumental. There are three tracks that I hardly can part with: “Reconnect”, “Disquietude” and “S.o2”! These tracks are of an unbelievable melancholy, and their conceptual and interpretative form is unique! There are some noisier fragments on the rest of the tracks, I barely understand them by the way, maybe they are meant to contrast the others, for placing a better value on the calm, tranquil, introspective ones! “Meanwhile” seems to be the most representative, while “L Tune” is meant to be the most suitable for accessing this particular universe. The guitars sound magisterial, the male voices harmonize everything (you can imagine that Jan Kenneth’s Transit is easily spotted too), and the female ones slightly remind me of Synne Diana, while the keyboard transcends you towards pure oblivion... Remarkable, yes, the album is remarkable, with a unique emotional dimension that will certainly fascinate the ones desiring to listen to something unconventional! For me, as I’m still unhealed after my IN THE WOODS… wounds, these new tracks are a nostalgic dressing that tranquilizes my musical existence once again… as I firstly lived it years ago at maximum intensity, almost unbelievably high! At least for me… so far! I would strongly desire to see this band live, to find out whether my regrets towards the last IN THE WOODS… concert are or aren’t justified… even if it happened a long way back! At all Metal, very Rock, scenting of Pop, and set into an original psychedelic oasis, STILLE OPPROR manages to transform me into a definitive fan of this music, even though we are talking about a sole album! Some patience is required, lots of attention, pale light, a glass of wine and plenty isolation from the daily routine, from anyone else, even from yourself… for an hour at least! It’s completely worth it…