STILLE VOLK "Nueit de Sabbat"

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STILLE VOLK "Nueit de Sabbat"
  • Album: Nueit de Sabbat
  • Year: 2009
  • Label: HOLY
  • Artist: 

The fifth album belonging to the French continues on the line of the previous materials, nothing special being added, nothing changed within the structure of the tracks. A material which I do not believe that can be fully appreciated by those who aren’t informed what this type of Neo Medieval Folk Celtic Music with Goth influences really means. As far as I am concerned, the music of these French men from the base of the Pyrenees hit me some 13 years ago, when their debut “Hantaoma” was unveiling a fantastic Folk universe, based on traditional instruments and clean vocals. After all these years, the two Patrice continue on insisting on this bizarre universe created by the flute, mandolin, violin, the result seeming to be an absolute perfect one!