STORMFAGEL "Ett Berg Av Fasa"

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STORMFAGEL "Ett Berg Av Fasa"
  • Album: Ett Berg Av Fasa
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: COLD MEAT
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Consequently to a debut that I've superlatively appreciated, the Hungarian - Swedish duet brings another masterpiece to light, one inserting me into virtual coolness shades, because a music of this kind flings me someplace within Nature, in a thickset forest where the sun can hardly penetrate. This is an original, captivating, mysterious and charming music. The mingling of Ritualistic Martial with the Ethno orchestration, plus the violins, cellos and several other traditional whistles, alongside Eva's mighty voice, embedded in the same Pannonian aura, essentially enhances an unprecedented Dark Romantic realm! Andreas Neidhardt and Eva Mag prove once again that STORMFAGEL is a project that simply cannot be missed, even though the atypical music style uncovered by this album, can surprise or maybe even disappoint on the first listening, seeming too cold and barren...