STRIBORG "Ghostwoodlands"

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STRIBORG "Ghostwoodlands"
  • Album: Ghostwoodlands
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

In reality, this mysterious Sin-Nanna (name taken from the Sumerian mythology) is hiding somewhere in Tasmania and during his 13 years of activity he released about six albums plus a bunch of demos and apparitions on various compilations. I come to the point of understanding that STRIBORG is already considered cult within the Black Metal scene and perhaps he is.

Yet, after listening all the way to this very album let me tell you my sense out of it: a sinister battery that contours nothing, an infernal guitar noise that has the same effect as scratching a nail on a sheet, plus a tortured voice, evil like one and a mysterious keyboard on the background trying to bring a certain melancholy to the monotonous and primitive Black Metal sound. The keyboard seems to reach now and then some Ambient touches, just in order to intensify even more the sinister and obscure atmosphere, but that's all about it. Well, I must admit that in a horror movie, watched with the lights off and in complete solitude, perhaps in an abandoned castle, this music might raise some fear feelings or even more than that. Yet, if listened in an opposite context, the album may turn weary after two consecutive auditions, at the most.