STRIBORG "Solitude"

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STRIBORG "Solitude"
  • Album: Solitude
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

I've kept on writing about this project, the last time three months ago. So here we have the proof that albums alike can be released on the tiptop and can succeed into contouring a sinister atmosphere by the sole use of some primitive guitars, a puerile battery, a chaotic keyboard and a demonical voice. Nothing new, only Bleak grim Black Forest Metal mixed with Eerie Ambient soundscapes, barely destined to satisfy MUTIILATION, ILDJARN and XASTHUR, maybe. I for one, have been pretty bored by this underground album, especially on the sequences where the acoustic parts are far too prolonged, much more than they've used to be on the previous chapters... probably in order to enhance the apocalyptic dimension, you never know... Nothing new for STRIBORG's fans, trust me!