STROMMOUSSHELD "Behind The Curtain"

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STROMMOUSSHELD "Behind The Curtain"
  • Album: Behind The Curtain
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

I'd say this is an intelligent project as far as orientation is the issue! It is a pity though that the production and mixing are quite not ok...Started on a Dark Industrial basis, the project enters many other realms such as Electro, Gothic, Psychedelic, Black or Ambient. Let me put it differently, if you like bands like ABORYM, RED HARVEST or THEE MALDOROR KOLLECTIVE, then you would also enjoy this very album. There is a similitude with SAMAEL but I must say that these symphonic make of it a pretty hard and less accessible album, difficult to digest it in most parts and probably rather too complex. I'd recommend for indulgence in appreciating this band because in other technical conditions, I assure you, their music would enchant anyone! The voice is sometimes rather too aggressive but I put it on the Black tendencies' behalf! I think a remarkable aspect would be the interludes created by guitars and clear vocals in a pleasant contrast with the rest of the noises and multiple effects. The band's members have played in other projects as well such as: BRACTWO CZARNEJ ROZY, DARK GALLERY or SIRIUS.