STURMGEIST "Meister Mephisto"

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STURMGEIST "Meister Mephisto"
  • Album: Meister Mephisto
  • Year: 2005
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

However I've tried to find boring and dull elements in this music, I haven't succeeded. The solo project of Cornelius Jackhelln (SOLEFALD) it's entirely new and full of different elements, from Black to Thrash or Industrial. But Industrial seems to be the skeleton of this sound, that gravitates around a very stimulating Black Metal, with voices sometimes normal and sometimes agressive, with killing rhythm, with very heavy guitars, everything in a light dinamism, not at all strung up, but pleasant for audition. I did not expect to like this kind of Industrial Metal but, maybe because the Atmospheric elements are intercalar in a harmonious way, it determinates me to say that this debut is one with no limits, that does not sound alike with anything I have listened until know and I discovered a lot of influences from many other bands. The thing which is easy to recognise: the Norwegian viking sound!