SUB LUNA "In The Shade Of Time"

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SUB LUNA "In The Shade Of Time"
  • Album: In The Shade Of Time
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: DAGAZ
  • Artist: 

Dark/Folk with Pop/lounge influences, and also with psychedelic shadows (some frames remind me of PINK FLOYD), charming masculine voices, acoustic guitars veiled in harmony and nostalgia, impressive atmospheric effects, all sealed in a beautifully dark draconian gloom. If I bring out the fact that the two Swedes' album has been recorded and mixed at Erebus Odora studio, the one belonging to Peter Bjargo (ARCANA, SOPHIA), then it all becomes obvious that we are dealing with a musical jewel, even if it is just a debut.

Moreover, the digipack is ultra elegant and you can also enjoy an extra CD, with several tracks recorded formerly, that sound even more experimental than these recent ones. Hence, quality music, even though the two left out originality.