•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.89/1
  • Album: The Scope
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I was eager to listen to this debut, because SUBAUDITION and VALI are the most inspired avantguarde bands in those last years! We can consider this debut in a dichotomic manner. First, the positive pole: a project belonging to some talented young men (Antti Korpinen and Roope Niemela), entwining in a harmonious way the electric and accoustic guitars, the saxophone, the piano, along with the Hammond organ and the flute.

The voices are calm, mellifluous, creating an elegant relaxation state, we even enjoy Psyhedelic scents (PINK FLOYD), but, finally, the correct crux might be TENHI and SIGUR ROS! The nine tracks are extremely diverse, at all lacked in originaly explored elements, including the female voice that veiles it all in an alluring warmness! An excellent debut! Here we are on the second pole, the negative one: the sound lacks the needed dynamism and a better contoured expression, so you can find yourself quite oblivious to the fact that you are listening to music or even overpass several elements from this musical concept. It is, you might agree to this, a fade sound, that should be enliven now and then with certain other elements... it lacks strenght, vitality...

The sixth track "A Golden Staircase" is a welcomed one, because the keyboard dissipates the monotony! I'm closing the review with one comparison that I find quite appropiate when thinking about this sound: if TENHI is a saturnian, mournful autumn, laden with rain and drizzle, than SUBAUDITION is a vernal TENHI, a drop more inviting, still without dispelling the scent of dreariness and solitude!