SUNTERRA "Lost Time"

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SUNTERRA "Lost Time"
  • Album: Lost Time
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: WAB
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

It crossed my path of this band...rumour after rumour and all kind of stuff during the years and I admit this band gained popularity in Austrian underground due to its seniority. Although the band was founded eight years ago, this is actually the debut. They had released a demo, "In Diebus Illis" but nothing else. The Gothic line approach seems to be a little different from what's trendy and not because of innovation but due to the interpretation. There are: rhythm, melodiousness, atmosphere as well as strength, dynamics and sudden increase. The Gothic line is conducted by a simple balmy female voice and an inspired flute, I'd say that from time to time the Progressive elements insist and even bother for a rather modest sound. The effort and weightiness cannot be denied but there is still something missing for my ears... Perhaps it is because I believe SUNTERRA tried to impose itself throughout a mixture of Metallic styles and thus the result is confusing. Nevertheless the band sounds good, do not misunderstand me! Even Falco's hit, "Out Of The Dark" sounds remarkable! Yet...I smell of a "something is missing here" and I hope for this lack to be soon filled, shall forever be a debutant band. The rest is history.