SUSPERIA "Predominance"

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SUSPERIA "Predominance"
  • Album: Predominance
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Many of you considered the interview with Athera, featured inside last Kogaionon issue, as the most successful and detailed one. Thus, I find inappropriate to get into many more close-ups for the moment, since I have already presented a few opinions in the "reviews" chapter as well, based on the advertorial CD. The line-up is an exceptional one, as it featured also in famous projects (DIMMU BORGIR, SATYRICON or OLD MAN'S CHILD). SUSPERIA comes back in forth with a well-rounded album, not at all original yet without commercial influences, excellently interpreted.

No doubt, it is Black Metal Nordic style, but there are present as well Thrash, Death, Heavy or Power frames while Athera voice's inflexions professionally prove a certain diversified approach of these multiple styles. I personally prefer "Illusion of Evil" demo, not necessarily because of the keyboards but for the simpler and straighter manner of performing music. I consider SUSPERIA "on the wave" but I find difficult to appreciate for how long. If keeping the same musical line, I believe, not even the fact Tjoldav or Cyrus are big famous names, on Nordic scene, could bring much help. If only Nuclear Blast can do miracles for it seems that Germans own the art of selling their products while quality is often left behind...