SVARTTJERN "Path Of Madness"

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SVARTTJERN "Path Of Madness"
  • Album: Path Of Madness
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Another album of the trends, just perfect for the fans of True Norwegian Black Metal! If you like TAAKE or NATTEFROST, then I see no reason not to like SVARTTJERN: ultra fast riffs, aggressive evil vocals and destructive drums. There are 8 tracks that sound good but lack originality, leaving no room for any atmospheric note, no chance in associating this sound to the one of a Melodic Black Metal bands! To be mentioned is that the voice on the album belongs to HansFyrste of RAGNAROCK. Thus, an interesting Norwegian quintet that is addressed only to those who adore brutal Black Metal, or as some like to believe, Kult/TRV Black Metal...