SWALLOW THE SUN "The Morning Never Came"

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SWALLOW THE SUN "The Morning Never Came"
  • Album: The Morning Never Came
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: FIREBOX
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Sometimes I wonder how happen that such a small country like Finland could host that many Doom Death bands! From UNHOLY to la SKEPTICISM, the range of Funeral Slow Doom Death Metal has been covered and covered by dozens if not hundreds of bands. In this particular case, we can have a look at the remains of two underground projects, FUNERIS NOCTURNUM and PLUTONIUM ORANGE. But I find strange the fact that even if founded three years ago, the band has only this year released the first demo and right after... they received a good offer from Firebox label. As far as music is regarded the Finns perform a classical Doom Death Metal with various approaches becoming from time to time either atmospheric, either primitive, either lent or too aggressive, with Gothic influences but having as well some depressive valences. The voice oscillates between brutal and clear but the guitars are constant in following those never-ending buzzes, the keyboard fills the background while the battery seems not to pursue any standard rhythm. It is a nice album with a common Metal memorandum and modern spirit but that would be about all! And I am sure, something is missing, something to bring the band's identity in sound.