SYN ZE SASE TRI "Intre Doua Lumi"

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SYN ZE SASE TRI "Intre Doua Lumi"
  • Album: Intre Doua Lumi
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: CODE 666
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

If I’m about to think well, Romania didn’t get to have DIMMU BORGIR clones! Corb and Spin started several years ago to play under a different name, then, in 2006/2007 the first echoes regarding this band’s establishment appear. They record in 2008 this demo in the Negura studio, which must have immediately appeared at a label, but, for various reasons, it was released with a more than two years delay. During this period the two joined Negru in NEGURA BUNGET, instead of Hupogrammos and Sol Faur. Then they recorded “Varstele pamantului”, an album appreciated by the whole specialized media, perhaps the most atmospheric and Pagan/Folk influenced in NEGURA BUNGET’S history. After a considerable number of concerts, the two consecutively retired from the famous brand from Timisoara and exclusively devoted themselves to the SYN ZE SASE TRI project, which becomes a quartet (Hultan and Strigoi being co-opted). Starting with this year, they leave the job of vocals to a new member, Lycan. This would be about the history of the band. The album’s intro led me to think about either NEGURA BUNGET, either DORDEDUH, for the used traditional instruments are the same. We also have 2 other instrumental tracks that sound good, but don’t say anything.

At least not to me… the remaining sequences can be easily included in Symphonic Black Metal, with lot of atmosphere, much orchestral, melody & speed and aggressive vocals! It doesn’t sound bad for such an instrumentation style, but they don’t come with anything new! The screaming voice doesn’t really satisfy me, it seems shrilled and tortured for these sounds, but perhaps this matters less when the orchestration is put on first place! Or maybe the new vocalist will bring an added value to this sound! CRADLE, DIMMU or even LIMBONIC ART fans can view this debut with indulgence and give it a chance, especially as it was composed some time ago. I still don’t understand why does it have to appear again and again clones of famous bands? Perhaps the epic-symphonic mark will make out of this group a successful choice for lives. Hope they will succeed, especially because they are much more than other similar clones from Europe! I look forward to listening to new songs, to convince myself whether they have a serious musical identity or if they find themselves only in all kind of “covers” and unoriginal compositions, but in fashion and appreciated by a significant mass of fans!