Tenhi "Airut: aamujen"

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Tenhi "Airut: aamujen"
  • Album: Airut: aamujen
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I've already written about this album, but two years ago it was released under HARMAA name. I guess the Finns decided to promote their album in a more professional manner, as its first issue was under their own label/studio UTU. Therefore, a high quality Dark Folk, perfect for autumnal audition! What do we have in the end?

A TENHI emphasizing the piano at its most, with some frames of drums and bass, underlining a glacial, pessimistic, even submissive atmosphere; moreover, we have two clear and grave masculine vocals, a very fragile and discreet feminine voice; plus, the lyrics are mainly Finish and the digipack is extremely simple, but very suggestive... finally, a leaden yet alluring sound! Still, be prepared for a new album too, one that will be released in spring: "Airut: Savoie"! So, if you enjoy bands like ULVER, TENHI, NEST, OCTOBER FALLS, LIHOLESIE, than Tyko and Ilmari's project won't pass unnoticed! Remarkable!