Tenhi "Airut:ciwi"

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Tenhi "Airut:ciwi"
  • Album: Airut:ciwi
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

After conceiving and publishing Tyko's interview due to his "Kuan" debut I have heard so little about TENHI: a few attempts for un successful live performances, rumours they have had composed new tracks but Prophecy were extremely slow.... Finally here came this strange digipack containing three tracks of which two are more than experimental, Ethno without any melodic line, pretty short and confusing even boring. In exchange, there is the second track apt to disclose more than 10 minutes of calm traditional folk music, extremely simple and atmospheric with progressive yet also Rock hues, piano, violin, flute, guitar and synth, Jew's Harp, percussion and, of course, peaceful voice of Tyko, Ilkka si Ilmari.

I hope not exaggerating if saying "Kielo" is the best and most inspired TENHI composition I ever listened so far! If you wish for finding the present time, then "Kielo" would help you to discover the ultimate absence of any temporal mark, any bonding to routine, worries or stress; it simply is just another manner of relaxation and inner calm. It is only a shame that one single track represents their MCD. Should we speculate this fact as a regular way of making few extra money?! Maybe so. But all interested people can easily give up 2-3 beers and buy this digipack. As far as money is concerned I find it doesn't deserve the effort yet for a collector it could become a jewel!