Tenhi "Maaaet"

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Tenhi "Maaaet"
  • Album: Maaaet
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

After an excellent debute and an interesting MCD, Tyko, Ilmari and Ilkka conceive a second material, less comprehensive, rather experimental, surely unrelishable to Folk/Traditional Music fans. After a way too long period of time, the three make a striking return with more than one hour of Folk/Progressive music, sung in Finnish, containing 12 complex and charming distinctive tracks! Many are in a hurry to compare "Kauan" and "Maaaet".

If I was to follow this direction, I could say that the last one is more sophisticated, focused on the vocal part and revealing a very strange melodical line; it is loomed by some extreme simple, but yet powerful, acoustic guitars, the piano is almost identical to the HARMAA one, a particularly grave bass intensify the sound and we can also sense several constructive and rapturing percutional effects. The vocals are extremely distant, calm, sorrowful and depressing, as the entire atmosphere! If I was to turn myself to the past, then I could say that "Kauan" is the most melodic and striking album, "Vare" a less comprehensive one, while "Maaaet" represents Tenhi's bleakest and most wintry sound! If I tried to analyze the album by another reference point, I would have to admit that I couldn't find any other band with a similar sound. I hardly waited for the release of the album and I firmly believe it was worthed! Still, there is an important question going through my mind, raised from the complete lack of musical vividness, so that the final sound sometimes seems glacial, apathetic and dispirited. One over the other, it's a hell of an album, original and instrospective, in which the extravert signals are hardly spotted; this feature is not one of the strong points that can promote the new TENHI album in the top.

Though, it will be a soul album to those understanding the dynamics and the dimension of the Finish! An excellent material for 2006!