Tenhi "Saivo"

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Tenhi "Saivo"
  • Album: Saivo
  • Year: 2011
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I don’t even know if 4 or 5 years have passed since the last TENHI appeared. But the years passed fast and I couldn’t find up to now any other band that would replace the atmosphere and the inner state Tyko&Ilmari can make up through their songs… I believe the only Finnish band that reminds me of TENHI was NEST, Aslak’s albums being now collector’s items for EMPYRIUM, NEUN WELTEN, BAUDA or VALI lovers. NEST took now a new shape, under the name of SYVEN and their debut album that will appear these days will remain in history as a sensational one, I will assure you!

But let me get back to the review… In the new formula, after Ilkka’s departure, TENHI emphasizes on vocals but also on backing vocals, more than ever. Tuuka, Jaako and Ilmari outline discreet choruses with low tones that amazingly integrate with Tyko’s voice, on a fascinating sound background, made out of simple acoustic guitars, low bass, melancholic piano, oppressive contrabass, dreamy violins, relaxing percussions, radiant flute… “Saivo” story is the most complex and diverse of the history of TENHI, the sound being different both as structure and expression, but only if the attention at details is maximal… the flute is more present and gives a so-called “color and life” to an atypical sound, the violins are more explicit and less pale than in the past, the guitars seem more active and communicate better with percussions… and the vocals are spectacular! TENHI is not music you can listen to anytime, anywhere, anyhow… you need mood, will, patience and climate… maybe in a gloomy autumn, “besieged” by black&white views that transform everything into a both melancholic and sad perceptible and sensorial gray, with introspective flavors and sensations of total isolation. We have 12 tracks, ca 70 minutes of apparent jam sessions that throw you into another universe, into other realms that gravitate around nature/the natural, a sort of back to origins, where Folk/NeoFolk elements together with the traditional Nordic ones outline a unique, memorable inner reflection state. I believe the new TENHI is the most digestible and possessing a positive musical message out of all albums so far! Even so, “Saivo” doesn’t ruin that Dark Neofolk Rock aura they got us used to over 15 years, on the contrary: they make it more diverse, with accents on expressivity and original minimal details… I wait to see the paintings Tyko made for this album, the cover being a perfect visual messenger for integrating into the gray SAIVO wholesomeness.  The excellent idea of releasing this album in November and a TENHI concert I couldn’t see it anywhere but in an elegant and comfortable theater room… or in a cave with perfect acoustics… or somewhere in nature, in a forest, eventually near the riverbank of a quiet water, during a dreamlike sunset… for an unforgettable tale.