THE BLOOD DIVINE "Rise Pantheon Dreams"

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THE BLOOD DIVINE "Rise Pantheon Dreams"
  • Album: Rise Pantheon Dreams
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

This is just another material in the name of money-extortion! Or perhaps it is in the name of making up for the money invested years back. I guess I couldn't precisely say but it is of no interest either. This very CD puts forward a kind of "Best Of..." both studio albums "Awaken" and "Mystica" + some demo version. Although Darren White (ex-ANATHEMA) owns a remarkable voice, with all my sympathy, I must confess that whatever he tried here with the three CRADLE OF FILTH ex-members actually left me insensible. The mixture of atmospheric Doom with Stone Rock and echoes of Flower-Power might be a suitable choice, but not for me. I have nothing to comment any further regarding this material; it is just a collection of tracks!