THE CREST "Letters From Fire"

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THE CREST "Letters From Fire"
  • Album: Letters From Fire
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

This is a strange trend of the French label, from Black Metal to Gothic and now to Dark Rock with Pop hues! It seems like being quite a fashion for the bands to have female voices and a Rock sound rupturing Metal scene since THE CREST are simply a clone of CYBELE. The band started to play in 1996 a Melodic Doom Death Metal, but after a few failed attempts it re-profiled into this commercial and consumable style, based on simple guitars' tunes and a linear programming, which is rather boring. This style might reach an impact but certainly not on me since I was and am not "stroke"! Their music, supported on Electro elements, follows closely new MORTIIS technique. I must say that the recording and mixing are very good, especially since the chosen studio was Sound Suite (TRISTANIA, THE SINS OF THY BELOVED...).