THE FLAW "Burning Skies"

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THE FLAW "Burning Skies"
  • Album: Burning Skies
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: UNBROKEN
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The German quartet brings out a really Fresh and atmospheric waft! The keyboards, female vocalist and most of the guitar tunes remind me of the fabulous THEATRE OF TRAGEDY debut! We can even distinguish several elements that entwine that particular sound! Pity the marvel doesn't last long enough and we start experiencing certain lacks in synchronization. Still, I'm honest when telling you this EP's tracks are quite interesting and, even if they don't have their own musical seal, the sound is an extremely bombastic and gothic one, impossible to displease those listening to melodic Metal, full of rhythm and commercial spots. The assay of using two voices uncovers an interesting contrast, even if we can find the masculine one only in the background. The great regret I experience is due to the fact I didn't have the opportunity to listen a full length album, so that I could have been able to foresee the real value of this Gothic Atmospheric Metal project.