THE HOUSE OF USHER "Inferno/L 'enfer"

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THE HOUSE OF USHER "Inferno/L 'enfer"
  • Album: Inferno/L 'enfer
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: EQUINOXE
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Gothic Rock in a classical elegant manner... very rhythmic and full of energy but definitely not Dark. I think a resemblance with HIM or The 69 EYES is desired. Hmmmm, I wouldn't be that sure about that, but probably thanks to the excessively commercial rhythm... there might be found some convergences and maybe the five musicians could be in concurrence and competition in the same time with the bands up mentioned. During the ten years of activity, the band succeeded to play/sustain live performances in various famous Gothic locations in Europe and I believe that their fourth album shall have the same success both in live performances and as a studio product. The last track, "Die Hoelle", actually is a radio-play making reference to "L'enfer" novel, recited on two voices (male ones) but unfortunately... in German only.