THE KOVENANT "In Times Before The Light"

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THE KOVENANT "In Times Before The Light"
  • Album: In Times Before The Light
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Those who know me are definitely familiar with my feeling towards this album as it is one of my top ten favourite ones! Moreover, now listening to this ten sequences, I find the way back in time when "Einherjum" magazine desperately was trying to make real a label as well while the debutant bands were COVENANT and TROLL. By that time, such sound wasn't quite attractive for other labels since the fashion was reflected by IMMORTAL or GORGOROTH! After some unsuccessful attempts, COVENANT managed to sign with the British label Mordgrimm and thus this album actually saw the light of the day. I remember there wasn't enough promotion but those who followed the two musicians' path and evolution perfectly knew that "In Times before the Light" was a masterpiece. This was the meaning of surprise (for the majority) when they came to sign with Nuclear Blast. Beginning with "Nexus Polaris", the history is well known for everybody and "Animatronic" success directed the band right on the top. Re-editing the first album was a consequence of a total sound re-mixing job. The bombastic keyboard is touched now with some Electro-Industrial valences so that the material becomes a bridge between old and new preserving the same THE KOVENANT essence. I guess it is pointless to chat on this issue since we all know that the Norwegians (Nagash and Blackheart) are artists in all their actions, therefore, you should reach delight by listening to it. I once liked the album and I actually love the new touches, the sound is even modern, full of symphonic atmospheric elements with primitive vocals (no remix!) and a battery sometimes rather pestiferous. We can easily say it is a new facet of the ten tracks expressed now in the light of an exceptional spatial dimension: Cyber Space Majestic Black Metal.