THE OLD DEAD TREE "The Water Fields"

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THE OLD DEAD TREE "The Water Fields"
  • Album: The Water Fields
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • France

Well, that's the French's third album and also the most expressive! Perhaps also the most elaborated, bringing several instrumental valences, multiple rhythms and sequences, oscillating between Doom/Death Metal and aggressive Gothic. The voices' alternation initially seems annoying, yet you'll soon get easily familiarized with this form of contrast that goes hand in hand with the guitars and the battery that breaks throughout any form of symmetry. This album brings the early AUTUMNBLAZE to my mind, while other fragments make me sense shades of OPETH, KATATONIA or early ANATHEMA 's presence.
There are also some Progressive influences, yet the Gothic structure does not allow too many escapes from the contoured frame. Anyway, it is a truly diverse album, focusing on vocal inflexions and enhancing Epic and melancholic aromas! It is not quite the perfect album, yet it is the best one from this quartet! Aggressive and sad as it is, the album unveils a dominant nostalgic perfume, especially where the deep longing and prolonged guitars' crying solos throne over the atmosphere! I've enjoyed the album, yet it hasn't made a great impression over me! It lacks something and I fail into sensing what it is! Yet, it deserves the entire attention for one listening at least!