The Vision Bleak "Carpathia"

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The Vision Bleak "Carpathia"
  • Album: Carpathia
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: PROPHECY
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

This is Markus Stock's second album on this Horror Dark Gothic Metal project and it certainly is more elaborated and complex than the tedious debut! Honestly, the sound is still a confusing one! The keyboard is uplifting, highly sensible played, managing to create an unique atmospheric state! We can find extremely solicitated, even explosive guitars, and the rhythm is quite obvious, both bombastic and dynamic. The vocal seems rather unnatural to me, because of the low tonality even though the intention itself is quite inspired! The whole album generates a tremendous energy, the sound is a complete one, intricated in the background with masculine vocals, feminine chorus, oriental acoustic ingredients...damn brightly conceived! An album saturated in dynamics, atmosphere, but yet rather pale regarding both the idea and the perception! I remember that Markus (still EMPYRIUM back then) told me, in an interview he gave for Kogaionon #5, that his father owned a land somewhere in the mountain area of Transylvania. That is probably the main source of inspiration for this album's theme, including its title. As usual, the album's design is a quality one, bringing significant added value to the potential buyer. Concluding, a slightly above average material, even though its original idea and concept could have brought it far beyond this final result!