The Vision Bleak "Set Sail To Mistery"

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The Vision Bleak "Set Sail To Mistery"
  • Album: Set Sail To Mistery
  • Year: 2010
  • Label: Prophecy
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

The most bombastic German Gothic Horror Metal group releases this spring a fourth studio album, by far the most impressive of all its history. Who doesn’t know, the two who are hiding behind Schwadorf and Konstanz pseudonyms are no others than those who impressed the whole scene 10-15 years ago with the NOX MORTIS and EMPYRIUM projects.

Unfortunately for many, EMPYRIUM is set aside and all their energies are now focused on The Vision Bleak! All the execution part, mixing and mastering is impeccable, as expected, Markus Stock being the mentor of many bands belonging to this new wave, his studio being one of the most famous in Germany. I expected the album to be more rock, perhaps more commercial ... in fact, the new 8 compositions are a fantastic mix of Metal with Gothic, with lots of explosive riffs, Heavy Metal in the real sense ... but also very much Dark Metal, even whole pieces with an oppressive Doom Metal flavor, by using guitar solos (St Vitus, Solitude AETURNUS or COUNT RAVEN - like), plenty of oriental influences, keyboards used continuously, Thomas Helm’s operative voice (who also collaborated ON other projects with the two) outlining a theatrical epic dimension but also a developed poetic aura of texts taken from HP Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe.

The interesting fact is that there are entire passages where the vocals are rather aggressive, for every blacker’s taste, but also female choirs which contrast in a very inspiring and mysterious way. If we add Niklas’s / Shining voice from the song "I Dinned With The Swans", we can say that the new Vision Bleak is the most mastered, varied and complete album of the two Germans ... you really don’t have time to get bored! In the live version they enjoy the presence of guests of high caliber, so this sample of Horror Gothic Doom Metal deserves not only being listened to, but also seen in all its brilliance!