THE WOUNDED "Monument"

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THE WOUNDED "Monument"
  • Album: Monument
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Netherlands

Well, here I am, having the chance of listening to a high quality sample of Gothic Wave finally coming from this Dutch label! The young musicians released their second album (after " The Art Of Grief" ) yet this is the first I listened to. The low clear natural voice reminds me of THE CURE and the instruments' atmosphere tends to PARADISE LOST or ANATHEMA. I wouldn't say it is Metal because I think all diverse tendencies rather create a Rock outline, very commercial and digestible. The experimental hue denotes a PINK FLOYD shade. Even so, generally speaking, the entire album seems to focus on a melodious depressive glacial Gothic sound absolutely perfect fit for critical moods. Although it is hard to get imposed inside such field, the Dutch quartet indeed did not make a fool of themselves in spite of a pale message they promoted.