•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 1.00/1
  • Album: Pustota
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: FULLDOZER
  • Artist: 
  • Russia

Although the album is very old and in the meantime the Russians have brought out other two releases, I thought it would be good to write about this brilliant achievement. An innovative blend of Gothic with Oriental mixes and Dark Ambient or Hip-Hop rhythms, a fantastic female voice, a male one that rarely intervenes and only in order to allow some contrast within the nuances of the sound, an intelligent keyboard and guitars that do not take account of any musical frames, everything is at superlative! I must admit that Yenei Veva’s voice is like a mental bandage for me, especially as the modulations made reminded me of the times when Lisa Gerrard started off. And I am not exaggerating when making such comparisons! If you want to be clear about what Yena can do, then try the new SHIVA IN EXILE album, called "Nour", where along with Stefan she presents us with a set of excellent songs, starting from Darkwave echoes and ending with some tribal ones. But returning to "Pustota" I can say that is enough to listen only 3 tracks on the album and you will discover that "Pustota", "Sadanah" and "Isolation" are the most expressive, dynamic sequences and melodies throughout the entire THEODOR BASTARD history.
The album continues to dwell on the mystical dimension, offering listeners an apparent confused image, but full of elements that are specific to the band. Please note that in the meantime a new album, "Belo", was released, a lot more introverted as far as its message is concerned but equally fascinating!