THEUDHO "Cult of Wuotan"

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THEUDHO "Cult of Wuotan"
  • Album: Cult of Wuotan
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: DGF
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

I see no reason for this band to be compared with ANCIENT RITES! Except the fact that they come from the same country, I see no other similitude. The sound of this band seems confusing to me, as it goes from Black Metal in BATHORY style all the way towards simple Thrash Death Metal brutalities, so THEUDHO didn’t convince me at all! They try to use female voices, they use the keyboard, they try to use everything and finally conceive nothing bright, original, or coherent. It sounds to me as a mixture of aggressive styles, some of them trendy, other ones forgotten in the bleary drawers of someone who is the fan of times long gone… They are ok as musicians, but the music has nothing captivating to transmit.