THINE "In Therapy"

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THINE "In Therapy"
  • Album: In Therapy
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

It is true what they say about Britannic scene, as it is one of a kind, avant-garde and full of original resources. If ANATHEMA features now a melodious Metal, full of Rock shades, THINE is not so far from their colleagues. It is just that ANATHEMA insists on melancholic, calm rhythms while THINE has rather an introverted sound orientated towards Alternative or even Grunge. The clear voice communicates with guitars' buzzing, echoes and effects are at the right place and everything is situated at the limit between dreaming and desolation, optimism and deception, isolation and regrets... I find almost impossible to speak about such album! It is unlike their debut, "A Town Like This", less Metallic and opened for faded timeless and in lack of stylistic boundaries Rock. It is a weird sound, pleasing for audition but completely tore apart from the flash reality of musical scene. I guess this album could satisfy any listener, but only fewest shall understand it. I cannot pretend I got the message, in the most appropriate shape. Maybe you will...