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  • Album: The album
  • Year: 2006
  • Label: EIBON
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Does TERGOTHON ring any bell to you? If you have never listen to the irrefutable Funeral Doom Metal sample, "Stream For The Heavens", I recommend you to do it immediately! Back 12 - 13 years ago, I had the opportunity to listen to those Finns' brilliant album, pity they've decided to give up music right after the debut! The good side of the story is that Jori, Niko and later on Aku have created a new project, THIS EMPTY FLOW, released on Avantgarde. "Magenta Skycode" has been recorded in 1995 and came up as a cult album on a Gothic scene at all mature in those times. Unfortunately for them, the Italian label took them away the chance to record some other works and so they woke up all alone. After several recording attempts, the band broke up.

Thanks to Mauro's /Eibon Records effort (and so we can trace the connection between CANAAN sound and Finns' guitars) we have now a double CD, consisting of their 1995 album, remastered, and several other tracks recorded both before and after "Magenda Skycode"! If you like Goth/Pop sequences alike And Also The Tree, Clan Of Xymos, Radiohead or The Cure, and also a bit tamer Pink Floyd, do not hesitate to search for this particular collection! Keep your mind on the fact ANATHEMA released somehow alternative albums only starting with 1998, and that THIS EMPTY FLOW could have been an inspirational band for the British! It would simply be too much for me to start reviewing works that have been realeased over 10 years ago. Instead, I can rate this one as I rarely do: 10! An exceptive double CD!