THRONE OF CHAOS "Pervertigo"

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THRONE OF CHAOS "Pervertigo"
  • Album: Pervertigo
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: SPINEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

I have no clue what is it about with these five Finnish' intention. They released a MCD, "Fata Morgana" and because of this they managed to impress Spinefarm and then two well-interpreted albums followed, "Menace & Prayer" and "Truth & Tragedy". The band's style seems not to have any logic at all while the mixture of Thrash and Death weirdly oscillates with Power and Heavy Metal and, in the end, all is build on an Epic structure. In other words, if drums, Keyb and guitars seem to be Metallic, well, the interchange of male voices: one screamed violent and angry with another clear calm and perhaps too high for such style (Niklas Isfeldt/DREAM EVIL) has a strange effect of completely confusing the listener. The Finnish are first-rate instrumentalists but here from...there is a long-long way to be mentioned about extreme Metal! The material did not ring a bell for my ears although the Heavy Metal parts are at least appealing and pleasantly melodic. The entire TOC concept seems to be based on paradox and the final product=music is a new experiment, a stylistic mixture extremely rare...yet one I don't think would or could impress any of musical fans. Or maybe if there are some compromises to be made....