THURISAZ "Circadian Rhythm"

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THURISAZ "Circadian Rhythm"
  • Album: Circadian Rhythm
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: SHIVER
  • Artist: 
  • Belgium

This Belgian band gathers ten years of activity and has released two albums so far. "Scent Of A Dream" was well received in Benelux three years ago and that would be all of it. Now, we have a new release, with an extremely bombastic and atmospheric sound, immediately striking the listener! The five Belgians have chosen to use more masculine vocals, some of them brutal, others normal, while the trolled out ones are suitable for the Progressive style. The voices' combination is highly supported by a brightly performed synth, veiling the sound created by the extremely Heavy guitars and a modest battery. Therefore, we have a well executed and elegant Doom Death Metal, saturated in atmosphere and rhythm, where melody pleasantly entwines with the aggressive fragments....a first line underground album, nothing less!