THYRFING "Vansinnesvisor"

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THYRFING "Vansinnesvisor"
  • Album: Vansinnesvisor
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Sweden

Deception replicated! I still don't understand why rather all bands return to aggressive Metal despite the fact that they imposed so far in a different manner, definitely not a trendy one. THYRFING became well known as a promoter of Viking Folk Metal besides HELHEIM's Norwegians. During the past years, the six Swedish offered three intelligent well reviewed albums invested with great Nordic Medieval and Pagan Metal." Valdr Galga" shocked the entire mass-media, while "Urkraft" made them quite popular on Metal scene. The new tracks are persistent on Metal in melodic Swedish Death Metal version with Black voice and some Folk tunes. There is atmosphere, melody, rhythm...but the inspiration and creativity are missing while a thing is pretty certain: not being able to surpass their own boundaries. Personally, I prefer listening to the debut album because it is more explosive and there is in much more of their souls. The last Swedish's album I believe is also the last one at Hammerheart as I see no reason for the Dutch label to promote them any further. What it was to be said I guess they told and it seems like time to retire has come...or maybe to re-orientate...In lack of advancement and innovative ideas, there are very few chances for them to maintain on the current scene. Perhaps more chances if the fans refuse to believe what is actually very clear: the album is a modest linear and rather monotonous, even confusing. To put it mildly the performing part is OK and so are the synchronisation of all instruments and the quality sound.