TO-MERA "Transcendental"

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TO-MERA "Transcendental"
  • Album: Transcendental
  • Year: 2006
  • Artist: 
  • United Kingdom

The legendary Lee Barrett (all my respects for this character!), the one that opened the road for bands like EMPEROR or OPETH back 12 - 13 years ago when he was the manager of Candlelight label, came back into performing on his own musical path. Not long ago he also managed the Elitist sub-label, part of the Earache group, but only for a rather short period of time. After activating several years in bands like EXTREME NOISE TERROR, DISGUST or MUSSOLINI HEADKICK, Leo has now co-opted the one that did the feminine vocal parts in the Hungarian project WITHOUT FACE. Their attempt has materialized into an extremely well promoted and highly praised debut, perhaps partly due to Lee's notoriety. Personally, I find this album rather confused, trying to entwine the atmospheric features with Metal elements, each and single one of them excellently conceived and interpreted, but combined in an uninspired manner. There is a very pronounced contrast between the melancholic and the aggressive parts, inducing irritating and hazy effects. The feminine voice is a high quality one, mighty on certain fragments, but it doesn't match the extreme sonorities that also enter from time to time the Speed/Thrash sphere. I wasn't impressed by this album, but this might be the proper time for me to use a standard polite line, one that lately I came to read in almost every review: a technical, complex and professionally generated sound, one difficult to comprehend from the first audition, yet one that uncovers - if you have the needed patience for listening to it very carefully - certain interesting valences within an avantgarde Metal album.