TO/DIE/FOR "Jaded"

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TO/DIE/FOR "Jaded"
  • Album: Jaded
  • Year: 2003
  • Label: SPINEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

HIM phobia is pretty outlined all over the Europe and specially in Finland . Perhaps this is the reason why many bands dream on a career as "bright" as HIM's but turn out to accept a compromise. That is to give up to some elementary notions of extreme Metal in favour to those commercial, rhythmic and danceable ones. If the voice happens to be sensual as well, lightly baritone but clear, then... the chickens should fall back while the "machos"... could bend! Well, I don't know...I am not keen to write about these styles because I find them superficial and "built on getting our money from the pocket". If I say as well that the Finns have on each of the there albums at least a couple of covers, then it is absolutely clear what target they have. Therefore, we have here Gothic Rock/Metal and in abundance Pop as well, starting with HIM and ending with THE 69 EYES. It is excellent for driving, audition in a pub but not recommended while home and alone within the four walls! The band's fans sustain this is the best and most inspired; frankly I found all of three albums pretty much the same. Or maybe this is more Disco than the others... yes, this might be the difference!