TRAIL OF TEARS "A New Dimension Of Might"

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TRAIL OF TEARS "A New Dimension Of Might"
  • Album: A New Dimension Of Might
  • Year: 2002
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

After a generous interview with vocal player Ronny Thorsen, in "Kogaionon" magazine, the Norwegians faced a huge success with "Profoundemonium", an album indeed desired by all Melodic Metal fans, especially since the debut, Disclosure In Red" was a sensational one. There is a myth telling that a wonder lasts no more than three days...very true when the mixture of aggressiveness and melodiousness actually finds a great impasse while the contrast of voices fade away because of Helena' missing. In fact, her voice was a pleasant imposing one but it seems like her obsession for modelling kept her away from Metal and her own site is exclusively dedicated to such career. Ronny just found himself in the position of looking for a new soprano and thus finally chose Cathrine Paulsen. It wasn't a bad choice but neither a too inspired one. But let me be more unequivocal...the new sound is more complex and better performed, the instrumentalists maturity can be easily recognized from guitars' synchronization, synth and drums...but no more and the melancholic aura has suffered much, what was Gothic and we got used with...completely disappeared as Death progression became pronounced and the male voice is rather too aggressive than the female one which can only be heard here and there and definitely less enthusiastic and less inspired. I do admit there are few passages in which the male voice is clear and so, the sound is superior. But except this it is just Gothic Death/Black Metal in Nordic style, structured on a melodic trendy basis and upon guitars insisting on tougher riffs. As far as the interpretation is regarded, this material seems to be OK...but for the inspiration and stylistic direction...I guess it is an album more than modest and rather too diverse. We have as well a FAITH NO MORE cover-version entitled "Caffeine" of which I have kind regards as I really enjoyed the Metallic version, although this band does not please me at all. I might be wrong but as far as I can choose the reference album of theirs is "Disclosure In Red".