TRAIL OF TEARS "Existentia "

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TRAIL OF TEARS "Existentia "
  • Album: Existentia
  • Year: 2007
  • Label: NAPALM
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Ronny Thorsen has turned inept for sure! After a remarkable 1998 debut, "Disclosure in Red", the band hasn't been able to create another album at the same level, despite the three albums released at Napalm. There have been several departures, Helene Iren's being the most significant. Co-opting Kjetil (GREEN CARNATION) brought some nervousness to the vocal interpretation and that would be all. Moreover, from a Doom Death Metal scenting Gothic, the band came to the point of presenting us in 2007 the fifth album self-labeled as Dark Gothic Metal. If you ask me, it's a stupid mix of Dark, Atmospheric, Gothic and Power Metal, as far as the instrumentation is concerned, while the voices reveal a strange mixture of Gothic, Dark and Progressive. There's no substance in that masculine voice! I really couldn't understand why have they chosen that multitude of voices: feminine, masculine normal + throaty + progressive essaying! Emmanuelle Zoldan's voice is at its most, there are various remarkable inflexions giving a pleasant aura to the dominant sound, plus there is an abundant keyboard! Besides that, nothing except disappointment! It seems the most perforce album, mingling everything that crossed the mind of the band members, yet the final result is a confusing material. With all the respect for my friend Ronny, all his efforts were in vain. Maybe the shock he had a month ago, when he found himself alone in the band as being left away by all the others coming to the point of questioning about dissolution, will turn out positive: some say what doesn't destroy you, might make you stronger. Let's see what will Ronny create in the future, because his debut and the vocal part he has done for the third TRISTANIA cannot went unnoticed in the history as exquisite performances!