TRANSIT "Decent Man On A Desperate Moon"

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TRANSIT "Decent Man On A Desperate Moon"
  • Album: Decent Man On A Desperate Moon
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

Jan Kenneth has become a father for the second time, so we can say that he is now more than a decent man! I have no idea where is that desperate moon, yet surely not within this album! The sound of this project has nothing to do with what he was doing with IN THE WOODS… and I can hardly say it hosts a Metal scent within it! We are dealing with a more avant-garde Rock, a quite relaxing one, with a few Experimental elements, some Pop influences and that’s all. The voice dominates the rest of the instruments, yet the final result isn’t at all convincing! To me it seems pretty fade, lacked in a precise direction, as the tracks are quite different and do not follow a specific path. The sole connector is the voice that also fails to excel on certain fragments! This experiment is quite confusing to me, maybe even more that the other project, SOXPAN. I can understand that Jan wants to have a different approach to music, but TRANSIT hasn’t convinced me at all! Or maybe I didn’t have the right mood to listen to it distinctly? Ah, that’s too Rock for me…