TRANSIT POETRY "Shamanic Passage Through The Ember"

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TRANSIT POETRY "Shamanic Passage Through The Ember"
  • Album: Shamanic Passage Through The Ember
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: AVASONIC
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

It's the first time I am writing about this band, a very well known one in Germany. Their stylistic approach focuses on the explosive mix of Gothic, Electro and Rock, the tracks are full of rhythm and dynamism (sometimes even Techno), while the keyboard is abundant and fully melodic. The vocals also pendulate, reminding me in certain parts about THE KOVENANT, but they are lower, clearer, more normal, melodic and more commercial. The Germans have released two albums, this one being a reissue, digipack, with professional multimedia support and three bonus-tracks. Even though the Dark mark is completely missing, TRANSIT POETRY's music is a pleasant one, with an outstanding atmospheric background that dominates the whole sound! This band is a nice surprise, it can really rise the fans up from their sits from the very first accords! Especially if among them there are MARLYN MANSON, CREMATORY, DEPECHE MODE or RAMMSTEIN fans.