TRASCENDING BIZARRE "The Serpents’s Manifolds"

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TRASCENDING BIZARRE "The Serpents’s Manifolds"
  • Album: The Serpents’s Manifolds
  • Year: 2008
  • Label: DISSONART
  • Artist: 
  • Greece

I remember that 4-5 years ago there was a lot of good feedback directed towards the debut „The Four Scissors”, as it was compared to ARCTURUS. Now, the six Greeks unveil a new material, in the same Symphonic Occult Black Metal manner. Therefore, CRADLE OF FILTH’s or DIMMU BORGIR’s fans, but also SEPTIC FLESH or ROTTING CHRIST admirers can serenely enjoy a truly fine material. The musicians are quite talented, and I was nicely surprised by the way they play the instruments, including the voice that has some very successful inflections! With two synths on the background, the sound is a bombastic one, full of atmosphere, packed in some Classical influences, all put together in a rapid, even brutal, formula. Although nothing is original, the Greek band manages to show that they can play uncompromised Black Metal in Greek, in the way ROTTING CHRIST used to do years ago! There are some incredible solos; you could almost bet that you are listening to Heavy or Speed Metal! We can also find interesting instrumental interludes, touching of all kind of styles and proving that the Greeks are not solely limited to Black Metal. If you want to know a few other projects in which the members activate, I can mention DOL AMMAD, CUBICAL SPHERE, ECHIDNA, SYNESTHESIA, AUT OF THE LAIR, REX MUNDI, FINAL ANSWER… It is a trendy album all right, but I find it praise worthy for the interpretation and the quality of the sound!