Triarii "Muse In Arms"

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Triarii "Muse In Arms"
  • Album: Muse In Arms
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

After two albums that have impressed the Industrial Ambient scene, Christian Erdmann now comes with the most inspired and interesting release to date. 11 elitist tracks, dominated by an unmistakable Martial rhythm, at times with warrior-like voices, somber orchestral choirs, dramatic effects and resounding echoes, all in an irreproachable manner! Although as structure, the tracks pretty much keep the same orientation, a more careful hearing will bring the realisation that every single one of them emanates a different aura, a different dimension, from dark to melodic ones. "EUROPA" is the most expressive one, "LES EXTRÊMES SE TOUCHENT" insists on a continuous march and a few lyrics in French, the two parts of the track that entitles the album present to us a mix of MARTIAL and MELODICAL – put together in an unusual manner, "FATALIST" is the most representative from the point of view of the energy it releases, on "LEGIO I MARTIA" the bells that are used on a somewhat slow background are framing a dramatic atmosphere, "BIRTH OF A SUN" is highlighting the orchestral dimensions, "ODE TO THE SUN" is focusing on voice, "THE FINAL LEGION" is reigned by the Orchestral Ambient side while "WIR KOMMEN WIEDER" seems to be the darkest of them all, where a voice dominates the entire sound through specific reciting and a grave musical background. I don't recall to have ever listed to such an imposing album, built within this Classical Martial Industrial manner! Full of strange melodic auras, cold, glacial, with shadows of some glorious past times, but with bombastic accords as well, very atmospheric, the project at hand shows us that music composed on a PC, if correctly conceived, can take sublime forms… and in fact, when carefully listening to this album something seems to rise/reborn from within, perhaps something that has been lying latently… incredible make! I don't know though if TRIARII can make something better than it did here... I can't comprehend an even more mature release that would follow the same musical direction… unless it will change the style or if it will make musical compromises, perhaps insisting on more melody, taking the sound towards a synthetic Pop… I hope that will not be the case. If I haven't been clear enough until now, there is another convincing argument: the entire release was mastered by Jouni Havukainen of IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, so you can imagine that the Dark Apocalyptic Industrial note is mounted on the same level as the very opposite Classical Ambient Martial. The booklet is very elegant and neat; there was a limited edition released as well but it sold out within a few hours… everything is noble, full of dignity, fascinating and at the same time minimalist and simple… the end result wraps around you even from the first harmonies, throwing you immediately after into a very different world, where justice, honour and patriotism emanate in a constructive way.