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  • Album: 333
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • Austria

Martin T.’s project is incredibly good! Especially since we are discussing about three different chapters: within the first one the Folk/NeoFolk dimension dominates the whole sound, in the second one the electronic elements force a more alert rhythm, while in the last one we discover one with a strange feel to it, somewhat more acoustic and more atmospheric, with flutes and other traditional instruments. Throughout the entire album we encounter all sorts of guitars, a decent percussion, violin, warm, calm and quiet male voices and other dream-like female ones… I was pleasantly surprised by this material that, as I was to find out, was first released in 2005! Although the language used is German, the entire TRINITHOS concept is an imposing one, something that proves that Martin is indeed a talented musician, with many other projects he collaborates with.