TRIST "Willenskraft"

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TRIST "Willenskraft"
  • Album: Willenskraft
  • Year: 2009
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

Tristan, also known under the pseudonym Aran (LUNAR AURORA), in fact Benjamin Konig, comes out with a new Ambient Black Metal material that wants to be something original within the scene. The first among the 6 tracks has approximately 13 minutes, and it is nothing else but a synthesizer that imitates either big waves, either insisting on some effects… somewhat boring. Starting with the second track, TRIST seems to show us that Black Metal approached from a cosmic perspective is interesting, putting a strong accent on originality. We have a lot of keyboard, a slightly repetitive drum machine and guitars that sound pretty good! The voice does all sorts of things, at times reminding me of Niklas (SHINING). Taking into consideration the fact that this is a solo project (with some involvement from this brother), I can only appreciate this Black Metal! I remember being equally shocked some good few years ago by another Norwegian band practising the same avant-garde style, TARTAROS! You need to give this material a chance, as it can take you on a tour from LUNAR AURORA to the old BURZUM! It is the first TRIST album I listen to, but I will be looking for the other three ones as well, as this type of music has managed to stir my interest!